God won't ask about the clothes you had in your closet,but He'll ask how many you helped to clothe.

       God won't ask about your social status; He will ask what kind of class you displayed.

       God won't ask how many material possessions you had, but He'll ask if they dictated your life.

       God won't ask what your highest salary was, but He'll ask if you compromised your character to obtain it.

       God won't ask what you did to help yourself, but He'll ask what you did to help others.

       God won't ask how many friends you had,but He'll ask how many people to whom you were a friend.

       God won't ask what you did to protect your rights, but He'll ask what you did to protect the rights of others.

       God won't ask in what neighborhood you lived, but He'll ask how you treated your neighbors.

       God won't ask about the color of your skin, but He'll ask about the content of your character.

       God won't ask how many times your deeds matched your words, but He'll ask how many times they didn't.

    ~ Denim & Lace ~
    As the sage words below state:

       Beneath the glimmering surface of the sea, every island is joined, inescapably hand in hand with its neighbor, and similarly are we so joined that we are provided the fortuitous opportunity to captialize on those many and powerful positive aspects of this sea of life.

    Written byQuin McWhirter
    Copyright © 1971 and all rights reserved