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~ If I Must Go ~

If I must go and leave you
Behind in the darkness
Just know that my heart
Will vibrate with love for you
And if you look in the
Far off mist you will see me as
The protector I have
Always been, standing tall
I wait for the time
We will be joined together again
In the love we had before
I passed to the other side
If you need me just
Send a message on the rustling
Wind and envision my face
In the clouds, and my arms
Reaching out
I will always be there for you
Until we meet again

Mack McGee
Poem written by Mack
For his beloved wife, Ruth

Entered Heaven on August 8, 2005

God Speed, Mack McGee
I miss you

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Created on August 13, 2005
Denim & Lace 2005

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